Capidava city is located on the right bank of the Danube, at half the distance between Harsova (Carsium) and Cernavoda (Axiopolis), and it was built with the help of Vth Macedonica legion from Troesmis and XIth Claudia legion from Durostorum at the beginning of the IInd century. The place chosen for the construction of the fortification is particularly important in strategic terms, since this is a rocky mountain, surrounded by water on three sides (Danube) and a natural channel, which determined the installing of military station and the development of a civil center alongside. Capidava, like other cities located at the border, had to face numerous attacks of the barbarian populations. Thus, the first Roman fort was destroyed by Carpo-Goths, probably after their invasion from the year 248, and it was completely rebuilt in the late IIIrd century, purely with defensive purpose. In the year 2015, extramural research was conducted in the port area, and in 2017 is expected that the termae investigations will complete.