The castle of Iatrus bears the name of the Antiquity name of the river Iantra - Iatrus. The name has Thracian origin and is translated as "fast, turbulent". The castle of Iatrus is located 40 km to the west from Rousse, immediately to the west of the village of Krivina, on a not very large hill that rises on the right bank of the river Iantra, at its mouth. The northern and western parts of the castle are destroyed by the waters of Iantra and Danube. The preserved area is around 2.5 ha. K. Skorpil is the first to identify the remains at the village of Krivina with the castle of Iatrus, basing on the distances marked in the Roman road maps (itineraries). In the course of four decades of archaeological studies, thousands of finds are unearthed in Iatrus. Among them there are various architectural details and decorations, altars and votive material, items of the bronze and stone plastics, hundreds of adornment and elements of the costume, typical for the different periods of fort's existence, household items.