Tropaeum Тraiani

Through the national road DN3 Constanta-Ostrov, Adamclisi (Constanta County), where the ancient city is located, and the triumphant monument - Tropaeum Traiani can be reached. Together with the museum located in the middle of the village, this is one of the largest and most important archaeological and museum complexes in Romania. The ancient city of Tropaeum Traiani is one of the most important economic, political and religious centres of Roman Dobrogea. The first excavations were conducted by Grigore Tocilescu during 1891-1909. Northeast of the village, about 1.5 km of the side road that starts from DN3, east of the village, the triumphal monument can be found. The Triumphal Monument of Adamclisi is one of the most significant monuments of the Roman provincial art, not only in Romania, but also of the entire Imperial Roman world. On the same site, 250 meters west-northwest of the monument, the funeral shrine is located. It is dedicated to the approximately 3,800 soldiers killed on the battlefield.