The name of Abritus is found relatively often in the descriptions of Antiquity and Early Medieval authors. The name of the fort is also found in several stone inscriptions, part of them revealed during archaeological excavations, reused as construction material in subsequent constructions. The first organized archaeological excavations in the Hisarlaka locality are conducted by the local teacher Ananie Yavashov in 1887, when he unearthed a large public building in the western part of the fort, interpreted by him as temple of Apollo. In the recent years, the archaeological studies were renewed in relation to the implementation of a project for the socialization of the Roman town and its transformation into an attractive tourist product. As result of the long years of archaeological excavations on the territory of the Antiquity town of Abritus, hundreds of finds are unearthed, large part of which are exhibited in the halls of the Razgrad Regional Museum of History.