Dimum is located on the Danube riverbank, underneath the contemporary town of Belene, nearby the “Vasil Levski” school, on a hill called Hisar or Gradishte. According to Dimitrina Mitova-Dzhonova, Dimum was flanked by two forts in eastern and western direction. The new field excavations refute this statement. It is located 110 km to the west from the town of Rousse. History of the research: The fort was localized on the base of field research work by Karel Skorpil in 1905. He gave a short description and a plan. As early as 1989-1990 were conducted the first archaeological excavations by Dimitrina Mitova-Dzhonova. As a result, sections of the fortification system of the fort were unearthed. It was determined that the entire northern section of Dimum has been taken away by the Danube. Excavations were renewed in 2007 and continue without interruptions until today.